Origami IV

I sure hope it’s true that, as the old Roman proverb goes, that fortune favors the bold, because I fear I am pushing my luck with these origami posts. As the heading indicates this is number four–out of a total of five–of these posts containing PDF illustration of origami folding instructions. This batch is from a different book from the first three, so these folding terms and directions are different.

Anyway, here we go: origami 33 luna moth; origami 34 tortoise; origami 35 carp; origami 36 pinwheel; origami 37 lotus; origami 38 balloon; origami 39 wreath; origami 40 masu; origami 41 peacock.

Finally, don’t forget this article from wikiHow on making origami paper, and this trove of videos on YouTube on origami.

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