Excommunicate (vt)

Here is a context clues worksheet on the verb excommunicate. It is used only transitively, so don’t forget your direct object: you (or the Church) must excommunicate someone.

It has taken me no small amount of time and cognition to render this word accessible to struggling learners. I remain unconvinced that I’ve done an adequate job of it. Nonetheless, this verb shows up in social studies classes and texts with sufficient regularity that students need to know it.

That said, this word also turns up as an adjective. If you use it that way, be advised that unlike the verb, which pronounces as it looks (i.e. excommuni-kate with a long a), the adjective pronounces as excommuni-cut–with a short a in the final syllable.

If you find typos in this document, I would appreciate a notification. And, as always, if you find this material useful in your practice, I would be grateful to hear what you think of it. I seek your peer review.

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