Albert Einstein on Teacher’s Salaries

“Now to the salaries of teachers. In a healthy society, every useful activity is compensated in a way to permit of a decent living. The exercise of any socially valuable activity gives inner satisfaction; but it cannot be considered as part of the salary. The teacher cannot use his inner satisfaction to fill the stomachs of his children.”

“Ensuring the Future of Mankind,” from a Message for Canadian Education Week, March 2-8, 1952. Published in Mein Weitbild, Zurich: Europa Verlag, 1953, excerpted from: Einstein, Albert. Ideas and Opinions. New York: Three Rivers Press, 1982.

One response to “Albert Einstein on Teacher’s Salaries

  1. Einstein was correct.
    In Finland and other countries, teachers are respected and compensated accordingly.
    Not here.
    Funny how the students in those countries seem to outscore American students on international tests, isn’t it? Not.

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