Bernard Coard on the Middle-Class Bias

“The Middle Class Bias: In most cases, the teacher and the educational psychologist are middle class, in a middle class institution (which is what a school is), viewing the child through middle-class tinted glasses, the child being working class in most cases. Both on the basis of class and culture, they believe their standards to be the right and superior ones. They may do this in the most casual and unconscious ways, which may make the effect on the child even more devastating. The child may, therefore, not only because of problems with language but also because of feeling that he is somehow inferior, and bound to fail, refuse to communicate or to try his best in the tests for assessment….”

Excerpted from: Coard, Bernard. How the West Indian Child Is Made Educationally Sub-Normal in the British School System: 50th Anniversary Expanded Fifth Edition. Kingston, Jamaica: McDermott Publishing, 2021.

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