Matt Ritchel and Michel Martin on the Adolescent Mental Health Crisis in the United States

Last Friday evening, as I am wont to do at the end of the week, I was watching the week’s YouTube clips on the shows I follow, I stumbled across this clip from Amanpour and Company featuring Michel Martin and Matt Richtel discussing the adolescent mental health crisis in the United States. It served as a bracing reminder to me (which I seriously needed) of what young people have endured, and continue to experience, during the pandemic and after. Mr. Richtel, a winner of the Pulitzer Prize, has been researching and writing on the inner experiences of contemporary teenagers in a series in the The New York Times headlined “The Inner Pandemic.” If you’re dealing with adolescents in any capacity, I can say with considerable confidence that you won’t regret the twenty-minute or so investment of time this video requires.

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