Origami II

OK, blink and you’ll miss this post. I write this on April 2, 2020, a day on which the even dumbest, most highly ideological governors in the United States finally yielded to the expertise of public health experts and issued stay-at-home orders for citizens of their states. Yesterday on the news, a reputable source reported that worldwide, 90 percent of schoolchildren are home. That means there are a lot of kids who need something to do.

So, I will press my luck and post another batch of material that does not belong to me in any sense of the word. Depending on which history of the paper-folding art you read, origami has been around for 1,500 to 2,000 years. But these documents come from a book that I am confident remains under its publisher’s copyright. So I won’t crosspost these or in any way promote them (hint: I will post a total of five origami posts, but you’ll need to search them in the search bar in the upper-right-corner of this website). Ready? Here we go.

origami 12 boat; origami 13 house; origami 14 piano; origami 15 oblong box; origami 16 fox; origami 17 sitting fox; origami 18 cicada; origami 19 pigeon; origami 20 pelican; origami 21 pin wheel.

This set of folding terms and directions will help direct this activity. Here is a wikiHow article on how to make origami paper. Finally, here is a link to a plethora of YouTube instructional videos for origami.

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