J.B. Sears on the Life of a Teacher II

Systematic living. What is needed by teachers is the application of a bit of system and common sense in their daily lives. Teaching cannot be sedulously followed by young people without sedulously offsetting its inactivity with outside exercise and pleasure. Every teacher should set aside a definite time for exercise, and a definite sum of money of recreation and pleasure. A regular time for a walk, a tennis game, a horseback ride; and a regular monthly allowance for theater, opera, travel, of the entertaining of one’s friends, will take one out into the open air where acquaintance with nature may be renewed, furnish a host of new thrills, and establish new interests and new companionships, which will drive away care, renew one’s mental and physical vigor, and provide a saner perspective for the serious tasks of the days to come.”

Excerpted from: Sears, J.B. Classroom Organization and Control. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1918.

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