H. Lynn Erickson on Our First Priority in Education

“Our first priority in education is to develop sound literacy skills. All the career exploration in the world won’t compensate for lack of reading, communication, or thinking abilities. If elementary schools red-flag all students who are developmentally delayed in the basic skills, intervention programs making creative use of school personnel and programs can bring greater degrees of student success. When instructional programs are not working for some students, they deserve a more appropriate curriculum. If the amount of time spent on literacy development is not producing the expected level of mastery, then the time devoted to these areas needs to be expanded. Schools can no longer afford to let students slide through, even if outside reasons make the inside instruction difficult.”

Excerpted from: Erickson, H. Lynn. Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Beyond the Facts. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press, 2002.

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