Word Root Exercise: Neo-

Today is July 17, 2018. One hundred years ago on this date, the Russian royal family was executed in Yekaterinburg, east of the Ural Mountains, thus ending the three-hundred-year Romanov Dynasty. An enduring myth–and the stuff of much popular culture–arising from this event was the purported survival of Grand Duchess Anastasia. However appealing that idea is, it has no basis in fact. Today is National Wrong Way Corrigan Day, celebrating the wrong turn, so to speak, of Douglas Groce Corrigan’s cross-country flight to Los Angeles in 1938. Twenty-eight hours after leaving Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field to fly west, he landed in Dublin, Ireland. In the annals of incompetence, on this day in 1981, a walkway at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City collapsed, killing 114 people. In 1986, the two geniuses who signed off on the walkway’s design were found culpable in this disaster and relieved of their licenses to practice.

Here is a worksheet on the Greek word root neo-, which means “new” and “recent.”

If you find typos in this document, I would appreciate a notification. And, as always, if you find this material useful in your practice, I would be grateful to hear what you think of it. I seek your peer review.

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