The Weekly Text, June 3, 2016

WordPress, whose software drives Mark’s Text Terminal, provides a handy set of tools to help me understand who visits this blog and why. I’ve been particularly interested in the number of users finding their way here from countries outside the United States. If I’m reading the analytical material in my visitors’ log correctly, most people visiting Mark’s Text Terminal from around the world arrive here by using search terms in some variation of “parsing sentences worksheet.”

So, this weeks text is five parsing sentences worksheets for nouns. Over time, I’ll post all of my parsing sentences worksheets; I have five for each part of speech. You may want to take a look at the users manual for parsing sentences worksheets.

Needless to say, I’m very interested in where and how people are using sentence parsing work. If you find this material useful, I would–as always–be grateful to hear how, particularly interested to hear if you’ve modified these, and how.

Until next week, then….

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