Origami I

Today is also the beginning of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2020. To begin this month, I’m going to push limits a bit here and post a series (the first of four or five, if this causes me no trouble) of PDFs of origami instructions; this stuff is under copyright–therefore not mine to give away.

Challenging times call for bold moves, though. If you have young or youngish kids at home–but please be aware that origami is an art and craft for all ages–during this COVID19 crisis, these are perfect activities for them.

So, here are: origami 1 dog; origami 2 cat; origami 3 rabbit; origami 4 horse; origami 5 fish; origami 6 penguin; origami 7 tulip; origami 8 stem; origami 9 cup; origami 10 hat.

Here is a PDF of folding terms and directions for origami. You might also find useful this article from Wikipedia on origami as well as this reading on origami paper itself and how to make it. Finally, like everything else in the world, YouTube carries a plethora of videos on origami.

That’s it. If you’re using this material and want more, be on the lookout for the next four of five posts on origami at Mark’s Text Terminal.

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