The Weekly Text, May 20, 2016: Three Context Clues Worksheets on Exegesis (n), Exegete (n), and Exegetical (adj)

As the school year wanes, I’m working on The Weekly Texts for the summer months. I plan a lengthy break from computer screens and keyboards. So, I’ll prepare a bunch of posts, then publish them from my smartphone. If you’re a user of this blog who links through from the AFT’s Share My Lesson Plan sitenota bene that I won’t be able to post material there for much of the summer. You may want to point your browser directly to Mark’s Text Terminal; I’ll post a new Text every Friday throughout the summer.

For this week, here are three context clues worksheets on the words exegesis, exegete and exegetical. If you teach English, and particularly novels, poems etc., these are three words your students, arguably, ought to know. In any case, this trio also shows students something about word roots and morphology, and that can be taught actively, or left for students to infer.

Until next week….

If you find typos in these documents, I would appreciate a notification. And, as always, if you find this material useful in your practice, I would be grateful to hear what you think of it. I seek your peer review.

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