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Everyday Edit: Anne Sullivan

Here, on a Monday morning after a fabulously spring-like weekend, which I passed in the charming Westchester County town of Katonah, New York, is an Everyday Edit worksheet on Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller’s legendary teacher.

Incidentally, if you or your students like using these short exercises in your classroom, the good people at Education World generously distribute, at no cost, a yearlong supply of these Everyday Edit worksheets. At my current posting, I am required to use a scripted curriculum, so I cannot employ these in my classroom. In the past, however, I’ve used them regularly to good effect with struggling learners. In fact, I have placed them in lesson plans where appropriate.

Everyday Edit: Phyllis Wheatley

Here’s an Everyday Edit on poet Phyllis Wheatley.

If your students like Everyday Edit worksheets, please remember that the good people at Education World give away a year’s supply of them.

Everyday Edit: Gwendolyn Brooks

Moving right along with Women’s History Month 2019, here is an Everyday Edit worksheet on Gwendolyn Brooks (and if you like this, the good folks at Education World will give you a yearlong supply of them).

Also, here is a PDF of Ms. Brooks’ linguistically elegant poem “We Real Cool.”


Everyday Edit: James Forten, Free Black Man

Here is an Everyday Edit worksheet on James Forten Free Black Man. I confess that before stumbling across this worksheet, I was entirely ignorant of Mr. Forten, who as it turns out was a very important man in the history of the United States.

Incidentally, if you like these Everyday Edits, the good people at Education World give have posted a year’s supply of them at no charge. In my experience in general, kids like these and do surprisingly well with them.

Everyday Edit: Duke Ellington

Here is an Everyday Edit worksheet on Duke Ellington which Mark’s Text Terminal routes to your from the good people at Education World. That hyperlink will take you to a year’s worth of Everyday Edit worksheets–for free!–if you find them useful in your practice.

Everyday Edit: Voting Rights Act of 1965

Here is an Everyday Edit on the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Usually in this spot at the bottom of a post, I beg for copyediting assistance if readers catch typos in my work, as well as peer review of its efficacy. I needn’t do that here, because this worksheet comes from the generous operators of Education World, who give away a year’s worth of them, which you’ll find if you click that lengthy hyperlink.

The Weekly Text, January 18, 2019

This week’s Text is a complete lesson plan on using coordinating conjunctions. I open this exercise with this homophone worksheet on the homophones desert and dessert; while I realize that these two words, properly pronounced, aren’t really homophones, these are nonetheless words that students (and adults for that matter) frequently confuse, so I think it’s worth taking a moment to help them sort out these two words. Should this lesson stumble into another day for any reason, here is an everyday edit on Ludwig van Beethoven–and if you like Everyday Edit worksheets, the generous people at Education World have a yearlong supply of them posted as giveaways.

This structured worksheet of modified cloze exercises is the mainstay of this lesson; here too (contrived for the teacher’s ease of use) is the the teacher’s copy and answer key for the worksheet.

If you find typos in these documents, I would appreciate a notification. And, as always, if you find this material useful in your practice, I would be grateful to hear what you think of it. I seek your peer review.