Happy New Year, Little Fears!

There aren’t many days during the year when I don’t get something new posted on this blog. And now there aren’t many days in the year when a blogger who publishes under the name Little Fears doesn’t take the time to like one of my posts. As the year came to an end, it finally occurred to me how this small act of kindness really made my day–and had done so consistently over the course of 2018. Since I write at the beginning of each day, that is no small thing.

Here are a couple things I know about Little Fears: he or she apparently took his or her name from a role-playing game of the same name (although I cannot make even that claim with any certainty). Also, he or she may be British, although I don’t want to infer too much from the “UK” in his or her domain name. And that’s it. If a blogger’s role (I mostly agree with this) is to efface him- or herself with the content of his or her site, then Little Fears is a master blogger.

So Happy New Year, Little Fears! May you have many more!

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