To My Esteemed Colleagues and Students at the High School of Economics & Finance in Manhattan

After a month of preparing my departure, I am exhausted. Which is why I can’t think of anything to say to all of you than the trite “You’re the best!” The deeper truth is that without you, I would be leaving our school with a very bitter taste in my mouth indeed. The last three or four years were tolerable for me at HSE&F only because of you.

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful parting gifts. As soon as I can measure the width of the windows in my new apartment, I’ll use my gift card to order (among other things) some curtain rods. The brownies last week from my third period English Language Arts were outrageous.

And remember this: without all of you, there is no school–just a dismal, windowless building with three inept clerks at the top of the organizational pyramid. You are what makes a culture of inquiry happen in that bunker, and you should all take pride in that–even if pride goeth before a fall and all that.

If you are so inclined, please stay in touch. You can leave contact information on this blog in the comments forum. Every comment left here requires my approval; I’ll grab your particulars and then delete the comment so they will never reach the open internet. I’d love to hear from you guys. And if you ever get to Springfield, Massachusetts, look me up. We’ll grab something somewhere.

Best Wishes,


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