Over the last week, while lazing around in northeastern Massachusetts, I read several back issues of Rolling Stone magazine. In one of the them I learned that Steven Van Zandt was on tour with his band Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. Back in the 1980s when Mr. Van Zandt was recording and releasing his albums with this group, I actually preferred them to the recordings of the band for which he was best known. I speak, or course, of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. For some reason, only the first album from Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul, Men Without Women, is a available on the streaming music service to which I subscribe.

And if you watched the crime drama The Sopranos, then you probably know that Mr. Van Zandt ably, and often with dark humor, played “gentlemen’s club” (ahem) owner and member of Tony Soprano’s inner circle Silvio Dante.

In other words, Steven Van Zandt is a protean talent. Reading the article on him in Rollng Stone, I learned that his current tour was expressly in appreciation of teachers, and that the proceeds from the tour would be used to continue building a website for teachers called TeachRock that provides lesson plans and curriculum on popular music. I just established an account there because it looks like very good material.

Although I’m just sayin’, you might want to take a look. And thank you, Steven Van Zandt.

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