A New Blog from Rural Maine

Readers of this blog know that I work diligently to keep its focus on educational issues. In particular, Mark’s Text Terminal exists primarily to distribute materials to improve literacy among struggling learners.

But every so often something comes along that I believe merits teachers’ attention. That’s the case with with this new blog from Maine, the product of a friend of mine who is also named Mark.

In the inaugural post, replete with pictures (to which the hyperlink above will take you), Mark talks about the process of making maple syrup in Maine, on his property, the old-fashioned way. You’ll see that Mark has a natural humorist’s voice, but is also a superb expository prose stylist. If you work in an inner-city school like I do, the world described in Mark’s post is pretty far removed from our students’ daily experience, and therefore might be interesting to them.

And thanks, Mark: keep up the good work.

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  1. Excellent!

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