NYC: Parents Holding Sit-In to Demand Removal of Principal

(Here’s a very sad piece of news from Diane Ravitch’s Blog on one of New York City’s most storied schools, Central Park East 1, founded by the legendary Deborah Meier. Over the years, I’ve dealt with and heard about incompetent administrators drunk on their own perception of their power, but this surely is a new low.)

Diane Ravitch's blog

Central Park East 1 elementary school was founded by Deborah Meier many years ago. It is an iconic progressive public school in East Harlem that has attracted a diverse student enrollment. Debbie wrote to tell me that the school is interible trouble now. Its current principal is opposed to the original philosophy of the school. Parents are demanding her removal:

“***Breaking Update: Following a meeting of more than 100 parents, teachers and community members, families have been occupying their school at CPE1 since 6:30pm on Thursday, April 6th. The DOE has promised to send someone to meet with occupying families at 8am. Parents are asking Mayor de Blasio to step in and resolve the crisis at CPE1 by removing Principal Garg immediately. Supporters and families will be holding a press conference and rally at 8:30am to explain their demands and next steps in their struggle.***



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