The Network for Public Education Toolkit: School Privatization Explained

As I’ve said several times before, Mark’s Text Terminal does not, as a general rule, deal with politics or educational policy. That’s why Diane Ravitch’s Blog exists. This blog deals, I hope, anyway, with curriculum and teaching practice. I’m not apolitical–it’s just that there are a lot of people (see the sidebar on the right side of this page) who can and will write better and more knowledgeably on these issues than I.

That said, I’m proud to be a member of the Network for Public Education. I’ve just received an email from the Network about its NPE Toolkit: School Privatization Explained page. This is a series of fact sheets about the agenda of the United States Department of Education under Betsy DeVos. Secretary DeVos, a wealthy, inexperienced heiress who neither attended nor sent her own children to public schools, believes that the best outcomes in public education can only be assured by turning the system over to private corporate control.

Given the record of corporate America in my lifetime–the Savings and Loan Collapse, Enron, WorldCom, the role of big investment banks and insurance companies in the near collapse of the world economy in 2008, and these are just the highlights (or lowlights) reel–I’m hard pressed that anyone could have any faith in American business. But Secretary DeVos is a true believer.

Please take a look at these materials. If you are so inclined, please support the Network for Public Education.

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