To New York Parents: A Warning about the Common Core Tests

(If you have children in New York schools, this post from Diane Ravitch’s Blog contains some salient information about the tests to which your children have been, are, and will be subjected. If you object to giant educational publishing companies using your children–and our students–as lab rats for their poorly conceived and executed tests, then please do read on)

Diane Ravitch's blog

Students in New York sat for the ELA Comin Core tests on Tuesday. The test will continue for three days, an ordeal lengthier than graduate school exams.

Leonie Haimson invited teachers and parents to share their stories about the test, which is otherwise blanketed in deep secrecy.

Testing expert Fred Smith sent this comment:

Thank you, Leonie for inviting the comments of observers who otherwise have been silenced by SED and DOE from breathing a word about the exams.

I’m sure we will find that the improved 2017 ELA exams have the same flaws as the ones Pearson has produced since 2012.

To me, the following exchange on your blog concerning field testing is particularly important because it succinctly describes what is wrong with field testing—both embedded and stand-alone field testing—which continue to plant the seeds that perpetuate bad exams. Yet, SED has run interference for the publisher, selling our…

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