Mercedes Schneider: Betsy DeVos Cherrypicks One Student Success in a Failing Virtual Charter School

(Betsy DeVos, as an apple grower for whom I once worked liked to say about dubious or unscrupulous people, bears watching. Diane Ravitch and her network of policy analysts have done an excellent job of scrutinizing this callow, self-serving heiress who is, very clearly, in way over her head as Secretary of Education.)

Diane Ravitch's blog

You will note that all of Betsy DeVos’s stories are about struggling students who were rescued from failing public schools by choosing to go to a charter school, a religious school, a home school, or a virtual charter school. Apparently she has never in her life seen a successful public school.

Her latest story is about a young man from India who attended the usual horrible public school. But his life was turned around because he had the good fortune to attend a virtual charter school in Washington State. DeVos was speaking to the National Association of State Boards of Education.

Mercedes Schneider decided it was time for fact-checking.

The young man to whom DeVos referred attended a virtual charter with a four-year graduation rate of 19.1%. After five years, the graduation rate was up to 23.6%.

Surely, someone on her staff knew this. Yet she chose to conceal that…

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