DeVos Pushing More Public School Closings, But Only African American Schools Are Targeted

(If you want to know how public education will fare under billionaire heiress and nominee to lead the United States Department of Education Betsy DeVos, you need not look farther than Michigan. This post from Diane Ravitch’s Blog serves as a troubling summary of her depredations there, her home state.)


Diane Ravitch's blog

The following article was sent to me by education researchers Russ Bellant and M. Denise Baldwin. Baldwin is a former teacher in Saginaw. Recently, I was on an NPR program hosted by Warren Olney with three other people, one of whom spoke on behalf of Betsy DeVos’s American Federation for Children. He insisted that not a single public school in Detroit had ever been closed. This article says that the number of public schools closed in Detroit over the past 20 years is nearly 200, with more school closings ahead, all in African American communities. Meanwhile the Detroit Free Press published an article showing that the closure of neighborhood schools–DeVos’s goal–means less choice for black residents, who no longer have a school they can walk to or transportation to schools of “choice.”

DeVos leads push for school closings, only African American schools targeted

By Russ Bellant and M. Denise…

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