Ciedie Aech’s Wonderful Book

Ciedie Aech is an educator in Denver who has commented on Mark’s Text Terminal. She has published a book on her experience in that city. Tom Ultican, a teacher in San Diego, just posted his review of her book on his blog. I think it’s worth listening to what Ciedie has to say; I plan to read her book for professional development this year.


There are few public school systems in America that have been more harmed by what Diane Ravich aptly dubbed “corporate education reform” than those in Denver, Colorado. Ciedie Aech tells the story of a professional educator working in the horrific and unstable environment that developed with the extra-legal federal take-over of public schools. In reality, this is a heart wrenching story, but Aech’s sarcastic humor turns it into a delight. Any teacher in America’s public k-12 system who reads “Why is you always got to be trippin” will immediately recognize many scenes Ciedie delightfully paints while telling this dreadful story.

About the Title

 “One day when noise from unsupervised students caught my attention, I stepped into the hallway to find a group of boys throwing friendly punches outside a neighboring classroom.

 “‘Gentlemen!’ I stated reactively, clearing my throat. Happy to ignore extraneous interference, the boys continued their game. ‘Gentlemen!’ I…

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3 responses to “Ciedie Aech’s Wonderful Book

  1. MARK: Thank you for your support and interest in my writing. I am very impressed with YOUR writing and your approach to teaching kids to find out not just how to use literacy, but to see how they individually learn. I imagine that you add quite a few skills to these students’ lifetime experience with language. My book was written as a means to have voice in a world of public school teaching — a world that, once attacked by money-fanatic test-score “reformers,” started leaving teachers completely out of the conversation. I wrote from my heart and from true experience, so I sincerely hope it opens a door or a window here and there for the reader. And? I am a firm believer that teachers … need other teachers! 🙂


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